Nail Shop Paris Review~


Title: Nail Shop Paris

Main Cast:

  • Park Gyuri as Hong Yeo-Joo/Bunny
  • Jun Ji Hoo as Alex
  • Song Jae Rim as Kay
  • Cheon Dung as Jin
  • Byeon Woo Min as Woo Min
  • Kim Chae Yeon as Keum Mi Ryeo
  • Han So Young as Kim Ji Soo

My Rating: 9/10 turtles:P

Synopsis: Hong Yeo Joo becomes a renowned internet novelist after writing her internet novel about gumiho. But her novel is caught in a plagiarism scandal so she decides to writes something. It is always easier said than done, she can’t think of ideas so she decides to observe people in real life for inspiration.

Yeo Joo is at the subway station and she sees a man saving a woman from a drug addict. The man is Alex. He works at a nail salon called Paris. Thinking that Alex is a good writing material for her, she decides to work in the nail shop to gather more information of Alex but it turns out the nail shop only hires men. So with the help of her friend, Ji Soo, she disguises herself as a man and works at the nail shop.

My Thoughts: Okay~people! You HAVE to watch this drama! At first I was reluctant to watch the drama because the main character is an idol and I’ve heard bad enough comments about the drama.( don’t misunderstand! I love Gyuri and KARA but a certain idol who i love was in a drama and….let’s just say I was traumatized and that his place in my heart will never be the same)~But then few of my friends convinced me to just try and watch a few episodes first so I did. I watched it at first without expecting much but then it came and caught me by surprise! I was completely hooked after the first episode. It was just so good.

*SPOILER* alert

I was pretty surprised by where the plot was going~ the thing with the actual gumiho drama. I must say that Gyuri’s acting is not bad at all- at least she has an average actor’s skill. I can feel that she was into the character, that’s a good start for her acting career~ Another thing worth mentioning is that it is the first time that I didn’t ship the nice guy with the main girl! Alex is nice but I just somehow don’t think that he and Yeo Joo match each other as a couple ,but more of a soul mate. It kinda reminds Boys Over Flowers with Jun Pyo with Jan Di as a couple and Jan Di and Ji Hoo as soul mate.

Anyway, this is like finding a diamond in the rough. The drama is exceptionally good but still needs to polish some scenes to make the drama perfect. Still, nothing is perfect in the world so I’d say this is one of the best you can get so just please watch it if you have time! You will be mind-blown!

Comment down below and tell me what you think of Nail Shop Paris if you watched it and go watch it if you didn’t!~ 


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