Book Review~ Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones


Yay!!! Can you guys believe it? The City of Bones is coming out in movies on the 21st of August!!! So to celebrate that I reread the book and I’m doing this review:) I went to Eason’s today and saw so many merchandise…… cup, poster, wrist bands, phone charms,etc. Too bad I didn’t know so I didn’t bring enough money:( but I will but them when I go to watch the movie and I will show them to you and probably do a review on the movie as well:D anyway~ here is my book review first^^

Title: Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

My Rating: 10/10 turtles ^^ of course!!!

Synopsis: Clary isn’t who she thinks she is. When her mother disappears and she is attacked by demons. She joins a group of warriors called Shadowhunders to find out who she really is and to find her mother in an alternate dangerous world of New York called Downworld.

My Thoughts: Okay this is going to be hard because I already read all of the other books in Mortal Instruments so therefore not surprised at the thing that happened at the end but I’ll pretend I am:P

To start off~ I love this book and this is so different from the books I read before^^ I’m so glad I didn’t back out because of how thick the book is( I usually do and I’m talking to you, Calvin! :P) The book definitely needs that much pages!

Clary is undeniably the most important character in the book. She is trying to find out who she really is throughout the book and I think her character is lovable because trying to find oneself is always something you can relate to. Also the romance between Jace and her and the friendship between Simon and her is something we experienced or hope to experience so even if the book is somehow unrealistic with the supernatural theme, it is also very realistic at the same time.

Jace. Okay maybe I’m wrong~ Jace is also finding his true self in the book so I guess he is the most important too?But anyway Clary and Jace have the most development in their character throughout the book in terms of romance and just finding about themselves. Jace is probably the hottest character in the book so you just can’t not love him! I mean, he’s funny and strong too! What more can you expect? Concentrate! *slaps myself across the face* Okay~ his character is somehow very dark as well and I just feel so sad t the endT^T

Now Simon~ okay Simon , from the very first chapter I could already tell that you have a crush on Clary, come on! You can’t be more obvious! No offense dude, but I’m shipping Clary/Jace so hard that I don’t care about your god damn feelings anymore. I love you so much but still~ Clary/Jace all the way!!!!

Isabelle and Alec really doesn’t stand out more than they are supposed to to me. Isabelle is just a typical beautiful girl to me except for the fact she’s a shadowhunter and even though Alec is gay, he doesn’t catch my attention that much. Though I really ship him and Magnus Bane. Oh Magnus!!!>< I just love you!!!!! Magnus is actually my favourite<3:D

Cassandra is really good at her descriptive writing and it feels like it is a film playing in my head for every page I read. The development of her characters is natural and steady ( which I like because I don’t like authors to throw big chunks of information of the character at a time) So overall this is a very entertaining book and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA books. This is just such a book to start off! It will get you/your friends hooked on YA books if you ever want to try. I tried it with my friend and she is now more obsessed than me! ( She plans to watch the movie every day until the movie is off screen…haha…I know that’s crazy,right?:P) I’m not sure if it’s just me but I think the book is really more for teens as in at least 14/15, considering the hard words and the twist near the end.

Haha I know I didn’t write much for my drama reviews but that’s because I thought I should at least do something special for my ultimate book bias since the movie is coming out:P Don’t worry! I’ll definitely write more in my drama reviews because I’m pretty sure I have lots more to talk about:D Though it is hard for me because I don’t want to give away too much but I want to talk about the scenes in the drama~ I think I’m going to do videos for that~I’ll get my brother to help me^^

Anyway tell me what you think of City of Bones in the comments and thanks for reading my review:D


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