My 2009 HK drama Watch List!!!:D

I’m sorry for not posting that often><” I thought I would find time after my holiday in China but when I came back, it turns out that I had to move to a new house. So long story short, I didn’t have time~ Now that I just move into my new house I’m really gonna do post more often…….like every 2/3 days. So now here’s my 2009 HK Drama Watch List.


  1. Man In Charge (very fun to watch, laugh-your-@ss-off comedy with a little bit of twist at the end)
  2. Just Love 2 (fun to watch as well, but I only recommend this if you have a lot of time in your hand)
  3. Sweetness in the salt ( one of the dramatic dramas of the year )
  4. A Bride for a Ride ( comedy of the year! )
  5. Beyond the Realm of Conscience ( the most popular drama of the year~ I have to admit that the drama is extremely good)
  6. A Watchdog’s Tale ( I’m really impressed by Linda’s boyish looks)
  7. EU ( This is the drama which made Michael Miu famous with his character, Laughing Gor)
  8. The King of Snooker ( the plot is unique and it was pretty fun to watch~)
  9. Rosy Business ( Another popular drama of the year, very dramatic~)
  10. D.I.E Again( I loooved this drama!!!)
  11. Born Rich ( of course this drama is about the dramatic events of a rich family~)
  12. The Beauty of the Game ( A drama about competitions between celebrities )

This is the list of drama I watched that was released in 2009.~


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