Gu Family Book Review!!!:)


Title: Gu Family Book

Main Cast:

  • Lee Seung Gi as Choi Kang Chi
  • Bae Suzy as Dam Yeo Wool
  • Lee Sung Jae as Jo Kwan Woong
  • Jo Sung Ha as Dam Pyung Joon
  • Yoo Yun Suk as Park Tae Seo
  • Lee Yoo Bi as Park Chung Jo
  • Sung Joon as Gon
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Choi Wol Ryung
  • Lee Yeon Hee as Yoon Seo Hwa
  • Kim Hee Won as Monk So Jung

My Rating: 9/10 turtles^^

Synopsis: Choi Kang Chi is half human and half gumiho. He was raised by the kind Park family after being found in the river (reminds me of Moses:P) so he is more human than anyone in the era he was living in.Since he was young when he was abandoned in the river so he never knew that he is a Gumiho until an unfortunate incident happened and this is how he began to find the Gu Family Book to become fully human. The Gu Family Book tells the story of how Kang Chi struggles to become human and of course how he met his love (SUZY!!!).

My Thoughts: I have to admit the reason I started watching this drama is because of Seung Gi and Suzy but after I finished the first episode I was totally in love with Wol Ryung and by the first half of the second I was mind blown by Wol Ryung’s cuteness!!><Then  I was crushed by all those tragedies that happened…….now that I think about it again …..I want to cry T^T I really love how this drama played with my feelings(in a good way)…..made me laugh, cry and face-palm myself so many times…haha. It was unpredictable too, for a period drama  which was entertaining as I kept looking forward to see the next episode to see if my predictions were right. I think the ending was the most unpredictable part as I was expecting Yeo Wool to live and Kang Chi to become human (I like endings more simple but this one is just fine).  I love the way the ending didn’t end with the “couple” but Gon at Kang Chi’s door since most dramas usually end with a family scene or couple scene. So Overall I give this a high rating as I always see the raw video first since I couldn’t wait which is very good cuz usually I don’t watch raw ver. unless I’m desperate so well done to the writers and crew and cast!! Another thing I should compliment is the O.S.T which is awesome. I’m gonna save up money and buy it:)…..I’m broke because I’m just back from my holiday in China :(……If I buy it then I will do a unpacking video and post it here^^

So guys tell me what you think of the Gu Family Book!^^


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