Am I the only one???


I recently rewatched the first two episodes of The Gu Family Book because of Wol Ryung’s reappearance in the drama but then I noticed something……


In episode 2, Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa are in the cave and Seo Hwa asks how long has he been living there and if he has any family. Then she talks about her brother and her servant who’s like a sister to her. Seeing her upset, Wol Ryung asks if she would be able to smile more at ease if she hears news about her family.  Seo Hwa asks, with tears filling her eyes, why he is so good to her. Then he just said ” Because I want to do everything for you, that’s how my heart feels right now.”


Also in episode 12  Kang Chi (in gumiho form) is tamed by Yeo Wool ,  then he is called in by Lee Soon Shin for some chat time. Afterwards Yeo Wool asks if he got scold a lot but he just stared at her and asks her why she is so good to him. She thinks about it and finally answer honestly that :” Because…..I just want to do anything for you. That’s how I feel right now.”


Notice how Wol Ryung and Yeo Wool said almost the same thing when asked why they are so good to their crush and remember how So Jung, the priest insisted that Wol Ryung is pure and innocent when he was slaughtered and that Yeo Wool is pure and innocent as well when he was fortune reading Yeo Wool’s love life. I suddenly get this feeling that the Dark Wol Ryung will notice Yeo Wool’s pureness and innocence since he kidnapped her and I wish somehow he will understand through Yeo Wool that not all human are judgemental. I really can’t wait to see the turn of events since now I notice Wol Ryung and Yeo Wool’s similarity. Well I hope it means something because the PD can’t just shove it in the drama for nothing, right??

Anyways I hope to see you guys often now that is summer but I won’t be here for next week because it’s gonna be my birthday!!! I’m so excited:) tho on my b-day I have to go to a recording studio to sing for a charity CD ,my mum has to work and my bro is starting his Junior Cert I’m still hoping to see some surprises from my friends~ haha… I hope they don’t disappoint me:P


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