Kate Tsui Birthday Party 2011<3


Earlier I mentioned that I looove Kate Tsui so now I’m posting a picture of me and her at her Birthday Party. Yep~ that’s right I was at her Birthday Party- her Birthday Party with her Fanclub.

I was there at her B-day party in 2nd of July 2011, I remembered it so well because it was my friends birthday( btw, just in case you don’t know her birthday is on the 19th of June but the party was delayed because of her busy schedule). I woke up at 5am that morning because I was so nervous and I was afraid that I would wake up late( kinda ridiculous because they party was at night but I was staying in my aunt’s house in Macau so I was afraid I wouldn’t catch the ferry). Anyway I took a soothing shower which calmed me down a bit and then I was trying to do my hairstyle I thought of the day before but it took me an hour and a half to do my hair properly because I kept on missing the bits at the back(arghhh!!). I was really frustrated but I told myself to calm down because it’s suppose to be a very happy special day.

I checked everything I needed to bring like Kate’s present , my medicine, my camera  my phone….wait! My phone had no battery!! and I couldn’t find my charger T^T I thought things couldn’t get any worse but worse was yet to come:( I packed Kate’s present in a cute pink bag because I didn’t want to squish it in my bag. We were about to go so I put the bag with the present on top of the shoe-shelf(Is that what they are called?) and I put on my flats. We went on the ferry but then I noticed my hands are empty, I had forgotten the present!! I was very upset and sulky the whole journey except when I fell asleep.


I woke up, needing to go to the bathroom and I let out a scream (or maybe I only gasped:P) when I looked at the mirror, I was such a huge mess!! My hair was sticking out and a I had swollen eyes and cheeks because I cried and ate ramen on the ship. I quickly fixed my hair ( that’s how I ended up with the weird bun) and  prayed that my swell will be gone by the time of the party. We took the HK metro to the place where we were supposed to meet the other fans  but we got lost ( yeah~ who can challenge me and tell me their bad day???) Thank God we have the organiser’s phone number so we managed to get there in the end. My mum left, I was introduced to the fan club manager, Tammy who was super friendly. There was about twenty-something of us there. Everyone had there friend or someone to talk and I was just alone. I felt like I was about to burst in tears.


The location was in another place so I followed the others and we arrived at a Starbucks cafe. I wasn’t surprise since Kate was known for her love for coffee. I walked in the door and I was fascinated by the uniqueness of this cafe. It wasn’t your typical Starbucks , the light were quite dim and it had a very 90’s feel to it~ 90’s in HK. Black and white newspapers, photos and other 90’s related information was stuck on the walls and hot pink balloons at each table and confetti and banners decorated the whole room, adding the finishing touch to that uniqueness.

Everybody was seated.I looked around the room , I wanted to sit with someone, anyone but I didn’t want to just go to up to a random stranger and ask if I could sit with them. Just when I was about to panic two girls around my age called out to me and asked if I want to sit with them. I was beaming with joy inside. I sat down and awkwardly greet them to which they awkwardly replied:P We sat in silence for a few minutes and I decided to take the initiative this time , I mean this is the best opportunity to make new friends who has the same interest as me so I started a conversation with them.~ Is it their first time meeting Kate in person?(It was the first time for the both of them)Where are they from?( both are from HK and I said I am from Ireland~ they got really excited and asked me lots of questions on Ireland) Their names?(Cherry and Michelle~I repeated their names for about 5 times because they loved the way I say their names so they kept asking me to repeat it:P ) Their school year?(That was when I realised that Michelle is 2 years older than me and Cherry is 1 year older than me! They looked so young and I actually thought I was older but then I was always told that I don’t look like my own age) We talked about our favourite drama Kate is in and out favourite OTP. We quickly became friends despite the fact they think I have a weird Cantonese accent(….I know T^T)

Then there was  the real deal~ Kate walked in in her tight-fitting skinny jeans with a white tank top and a hot pink cardigan. I stood up stiffly as if I was meeting with my principal . She greeted us with a bright smile that melted my heart. Seeing her in person was like a dream come true! I predicted she would win the Miss HK Pageant in 2004 and she really won, since then I have been watching out for her new dramas and activities and seeing how her acting skills progress was like watching my own child grow( kind of a weird comparison since she is 15 years older than me:P) She appeared to be casual and friendly but still full of charisma.

Before we actually start to do the group activities Kate went from table to table to greet us personally while others lined up to order for a cup of Starbucks goodness ( I ordered caramel-chocolate frappuccino !!!yum:P) When Kate got to our table I was still lining up for my drink so I missed greeting her:( Then about 45 mins later we sat around the room for the group activity~~ The activity was supposed to bring fans and Kate closer with each other so Tammy suggested us to introduced ourselves out loud and we had to say one reason why or what we love about Kate. It was like waiting to be my turn to get shot in a concentration camp in Germany in the Second World War! I died a little every second I waited!~~~

It was my turn…..I kept telling myself to calm down but it never seemed to work ,I only got more nervous. I was asked to stand in the centre of the room and talk as loud as I could. I took tiny reluctant steps but it seemed to take only a blink to get there. I started by giving a 90 degrees bow and I shouted (which came out as a mumble) ” Hi. My name is Kelly, I am in 6th class and I am 13 years old.” I felt heat rushing through my body and my whole face was flustered. Kate heard me and knew I was nervous so she repeated my words so others could hear. ” ahhh~ I see so you are Kelly, what a lovely name! and you are only 13 and in 6th class ??!! wow! I have such young fans! I’m already feeling old~ keke…..” She then told me not to be nervous and started a casual conversation with me.” Why are you all so nervous and keep on steping back?? I won’t eat you guys!! haha~ just talk to me casually!^^” I felt my heart at ease. When she found out that I am from Ireland she was stunned and kept thanking me for going all the way there to her birthday party. I felt special.I had a fake tattoo on my arm so she also joked about it a bit after she saw that I was comfortable with her. I had a bit of difficulties answering in Cantonese but Kate somehow managed to get what I was going to say, I felt connected to her.But then she asked me why or what I like about her.I opened my mouth and was about to answer but no words came out.There is so many things or reasons I like about her that I could have sent her a letter with a reason or thing I like about everyday but at that moment my mind went blank and I stood there, frozen. I don’t know how long but I answered ( kinda embarrassing to tell so sorry guys:P). I felt like a was reading a script from a drama, it was very cheesy~ I got goosebumps myself!  There are actually fans from Singapore and Malaysia! Let Us High Five !!

Anyway after what seemed like 4 hours of introducing, Kate also had to introduce herself even though all of us already knew who she was but she also had to say things she like about Kate (herself) which I think it’s a sensitive topic since if you don’t say it right it can sound really arogant and cocky. She answered it really well but it’s all in Cantonese so I actually didn’t know some of the harder words:P but I got the idea.Then we played games. There was a autograph section but I didn’t know so while other fans had photos and DVDs and magazines, I had nothing. There were prizes for the winners of the game so I was determined to win. We played a game that has 2 sides and one side had to act and the other side had to guess what they are acting. Since Kate is a actress she was in the acting team so we won cuz we guessed most of what she was acting out. Our team got two photos each- I got the one when Kate was in Raymond Lam’s concert, wearing the low-cut shiny silver mini-dress and the one when Kate was in Europe. I was over the moon!!:) Michelle and Cherry wasn’t in my group so they didn’t get anything~ I felt kinda sorry for them because it was their first time as well so they didn’t bring anything too…….I wasn’t generous enough to share my prize:P

After the games we went back to our seat and Kate came around and served us the pastries (yea I know, unhealthy dinner:P) We got about 3 pieces each ( depends on the person I wasn’t very hungry so I got 2) When Kate came to our table she asked us in a fancy waitress way>~< she was so cute……hehe:P There were many varieties of pastries- croissants, plaited pastries(not sure what’s it called but the pastry was plaited ) , apple pies and cinnamon  cake~ There was lots of other ones but I’m not sure the names.


anyway, heres the picture of different pastries and Kate at the back ( which is like a bonus:D)

Let’s move on to the autograph time!!!:) Basically what happened was we all lined up while Kate and a fan interact alone each time.~ Everyone gave her presents and then she sign whatever you want and there was a photograph taken by an professional photographer. We even got a souvenir! At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to have anything for her to sign but it turns out everyone there gets a autographed Starbucks cup but that’s okay cuz I love surprises:) I got my pink purse and 2 photos I won from the game  signed.


Cherry suggested us to get Kate to sign on our arms and she did(I was so depressed the next day because we went to the beach and I think the salt in the seawater dissolved the ink T^T)She asked us if we were friends and since how long did we know each other and when we said we only met and that we are now very good friends , she said she was delighted that we get to meet new people and make new friends. I can tell that she really meant it.

After all that present exchanging we went out and set the balloons free(haha…..sounds weird :P) . Then cake time!!! The cake looked gorgeous ❤ IT had 2 layers and It was covered in pale blue frosting ( well it looked like frosting~ I really don’t know the difference between icing and frosting I’m only good at eating the finished product:P) and on top was a sky blue candy floss attach to a stick which was put on the top of the cake. It was supposed to be a merry-go-round. I didn’t eat any cake because I think I was too nervous to notice my seasickness so now that I calmed down the sea sickness started to kick in. Later we got our membership cards and the number was personally written by Kate again , she also signed the cover/case for the card:)

It sucks that I had to go home early to catch the ferry but I got some extra alone time with Kate which was great:D My mum and Kate talked a bit as well and they also shook hands. My brother was too shy so he hid behind me which was kinda cute…haha. There was extra pastries so everyone got some them and of course Kate personally packed them!

starbucksmugbig (1)

That’s the cup except it’s signed~

So yeah~ that’s my story 😛 it was really fun and it was a great memory.It still feels like it only happened yesterday. It’s totally worth it. Just to let you know only valid fanclub members are allowed in the party and fans overseas get priorities so that’s why I was allowed even though I can’t pay on time (I don’t have a bank acc).  My only regrets are that I couldn’t stay until the end of the party and that I was too shy to make new friends. I’m actually pretty talkative and I used to help in my mum’s restaurant so I’m pretty good at making new friends but I wasn’t very confident with my Cantonese and I just didn’t know how different people in HK and Ireland are. I mean I get it now- people in Ireland are very passionate with hugs, touchy ( they are into skinship e.g linking arms,  arms around each other , etc.) and firm handshakes(formal) but people in HK are more formal I suppose~They like to talk to express themselves rather than to use actions. It was a incredible experience and I really appreciate Kate for taking time out of her busy schedule to meet us and also all the fanclub staff that helped behind the scene to organise this fantastic party and I’d like to give special thanks to Tammy who took great care of me. Oh~ I almost forgot! Thanks to Cherry and Michelle who befriends me when I was alone searching for a table:D


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