My 2007 HKdrama Watch List~

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Here is a list of HK Dramas I watched or watching or would like to watch. I decided to split the HK drama list because I used to live in HK and basically watch dramas every night from my TV so if I don’t split it it would be SUPER long).

I watched………..

  1. Welcome To The House( Very warm but long…a light and funny family drama)
  2. Best Selling Secrets( I actually love it!!! I learnt some of my business phrases from that)
  3. Ten Brothers (This is based on a very famous legend in China)
  4. War and Destiny ( Very intense! My nails are almost gone from me biting it!)
  5. A Change of Destiny (I was entertained but I wouldn’t watch it again….)
  6. The Family Link( This is not my cup of tea….all about 師奶(chinese ver. of ajumma)
  7. Devil’s Disciples( That used to be my favourite drama because is full of martial arts and my brother and I used to copy the disciples’ moves….haha…:P)
  8. Fathers and Sons(a drama about taking care of kids as single dads…It’s pretty interesting)
  9. Steps (thanks to this drama I impressed my PE teacher by telling her the different Latin dances)
  10. Men Don’t Cry ( bad-guy-turns-good-because-he-found-love type of drama~ now that I think of it I don’t think a lot of HK dramas have this theme as much as Kdramas)
  11. Dicey Business (really hated this one…..I’m really against gambling )
  12. The Brink of Law(Kate Tsui!Kate Tsui!Kate Tsui!!! sorry…. I love her:P oh~ I forgot to mention she is in Steps too!!)
  13. Best Bet (another one about gambling….)
  14. Life Art ( calligraphy……this used to be my best subject in school~now I’m writing it like a three-year-old>< This drama really inspired me! I have this thing for dramas with characters that have some kind of disability e.g hearing disability or in this case the right injured hand, I find these dramas the most inspiring ones)
  15. Heart of Greed( The VERY dramatic drama that heated up the whole HK this year!!)
  16. On The First Beat ( Kate Tsui again!!!yay!! This is the sequel to The Academy)
  17. The Drive of Life ( I don’t really remember anything except cars and cars and more cars!)
  18. Heavenly In-Laws ( This is the funniest drama on my 2007 list! Go check it out!)

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